Web Developer, Web Designer and Webmaster

http://www.vansshoes.name – Most people always have opinions that web designers, web developers and webmasters are the same. Is it true? Below we will review the differences between the three. Where is the real difference?

Web Developer
Web developer is someone who creates web based applications using programming language. Basically, web developers make things “happen” on a website. The role of web developers is to connect all the resources to be used on a website, from database calling, creating dynamic web pages, to managing how visitors interact with the elements of the website.

A reliable web developer will be familiar with the programming language, whether on the server side (server-side scripting) or client side (client-side scripting). And do not forget the database aspect to be used. Here is the part of the application that must be understood by a web developer.
• Client-side: JavaScript
• Server side: ASP, ASP.NET, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.
• Databases: MySQL, Oracle, etc.

Aspects of the display to be a bit “marginalized” by the web developer. Generally after the scripting of the web application has been completed, the web developer will submit his work to the web designer to create a good look.

Web Designer
Web designer is someone who works with visual elements on a web page. He is the person who makes the face of the web page look so “pretty”. Web designers integrate components such as images, flash files, or multimedia into web pages to enhance the user’s visual experience, or to complete the content page.

Understanding of Client-side scripting, HTML, CSS, how to manipulate images and animation are some things that are dominated by web designers.
Here is a part of things that should be understood by a web designer:
• Client-side scripting: JavaScript
• Server-Side scripting: PHP, ASP, etc.
• Cascading Style Sheets
• Image manipulation: Adobe Photosop, GIMP, Corel Draw, etc.
• Animation, usually flash.

Web designers usually work in teams to ensure a website look can make a web app work well. Additional skills of communication, would be very useful for web designers.

The other side that should also be understood by the indotogel web designer is usability / usability, W3C standards for HTML and CSS and display compatibility in different browsers.

Webmasters are a combination of both, and even webmasters are also tasked with maintaining the web app used. As an additional note, the webmaster may also be responsible for search engine optimization (SEO), fill in the content on the website, to ‘market’ the website.

In larger workgroups, webmasters will become more managers of a web-based project, managing web developer and web designer work, to testing the usability of web applications created.

For a web developer, logical ability is needed to set the flow of web applications created. While web designers need artistic ability and creativity. And for a webmaster, of course will require logical ability, artistic and adequate experience in their field.