Here’s How to Create a Free blogger That You Can Try Right Now

For me, blog is my little hut in cyberspace.

With the free blog, I can share experiences or things that benefit the reader. Although my blog readers a little but its okay, it is important there is a read though one person.

Aside from being used for poker88 sharing experiences, many are using free blog for additional income farms, online selling tools, and more. If you read the following article, maybe you are one of the people who are looking for tutorials how to create a blog easily and not complicated.

Through the following article, I will share a complete guide on how to create a blog that is perfect for beginners. Take it easy, even though my writing is like chicken scratch, I will try to present it as best and as detailed as possible.

There are dozens of platforms for creating free blog. Therefore, first you have to decide which platform you want to use, whether it’s wordpress, blogger, tumblr, jimdo, webs, squidoo, or so forth.

In my opinion, the most popular platform, easy, and perfect for beginners is blogger. Then how to step how to create a blog on blogger? Yuuk refer to the king4d steps as follows:

Steps on how to create a blogSteps
1. First go to site. Then click CREATE YOUR BLOG to create a new blog.

2. Enter your gmail address. If you have not got gmail yet, please read my article on how to create email in gmail. After that, select NEXT.

3. Then enter your gmail account password correctly, then select NEXT.

4. First you need to choose which profile you will use. You can use a regular Google+ profile or Blogger profile. In this tutorial I recommend using Google+ profile only. Therefore, select Create a Google+ profile.

5. The profile form will be filled automatically. If anything needs to be changed, whether it’s a name, gender or birthday, you can edit it here. When you’re done editing, please choose CREATE PROFILE.

6. At this stage you can add your profile picture. You can add or change your profile photo later, so select SKIP.

7. Your Google+ profile has been successfully created. After that, select Proceed to Blogger.

8. To create a new blog, select the CREATE NEW BLOG button located on the right side. More details, you can see the picture below.

9. You will see a screen like this. Please fill in according to the number hint below:

Number 1: Fill in the title of your new blog, eg Latest Technology Blog.
Number 2: Fill with the url address on your blog, eg or just typing megaspekatakuler only, later automatically the blog address becomes If there is a check beside it means that the blog address is available.
Number 3: Choose a theme you like for your new blog.

10. After that, choose Create blog!

11. Congratulations your new blog is done. But do not trigger blur first, yuk all learn also about the menus contained in blogger, how the hell how to write content on blogger and so forth.