Content Marketing Guide

Content Marketing Guide – Basically, content marketing itself is not difficult to understand. But if we see the results, there is a big difference between those who understand domino qiu qiu the principle of content marketing with those who do not.

To understand the principles of content marketing and how to create quality content, please read each of the following chapters in order.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

This guide will teach you how to create a persona buyer and do content mapping as part of a content marketing strategy. After studying this guide you will get a big picture of the content that you should make in the future.

Creating a Successful Blog

Talk about website content, of course, not apart from the name of the blog. That’s why blogs become the most commonly used container for publishing content. In this guide you will learn everything you need to do to create a successful blog.

Content Popularity Trigger Elements

Your content should be able to attract the attention of many people, and your mission will fail if your content does not contain the six elements of the popularity trigger described in this guide. All popular content contains at least 1 element of popularity triggers.

Method of ID card

The KTP method is the best technique you can do to create content that is of the highest quality compared to other similar content king4d. Not only that, with this method you can also directly popularize your content.

Featured Content

Search engines are the biggest source of traffic and to get a good ranking you need a backlink for your content. Unfortunately, most of the content you create is not destined to get backlinks. Therefore you must create “featured content”.

Writing Technique Articles

After reading the previous guides you already understand how to design popular content content, weighted, and able to get backlinks. But what about the writing process? This guide will discuss about the technique of writing articles so as not to make your readers blur.

Content Promotion & Distribution

Many consider that creating good content is enough without promotion. Though in fact a creator actually spend 20% time to create content and 80% of the rest to do the promotion and distribution. In this guide you will learn all the techniques of content distribution to get a visitor boom.